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It's been a year since we updated the E-Z site... E-Z is still alive and doing quite well. We're currently playing ARMA3 for the most part. Just filter E-Z on the ARMA3 server browser to find our server "The E-Z Co. 101st Server - NYC". Also please stop by in the E-Z Teamspeak to have a drink or ten with us in the E-Z Pub! Cheers and remember, take it E-Z!

E-Z is proud to announce it's triumphant return to Americas Army 2, thanks to AAO 2.5 Assist Check them out here to get onboard.

AAO 2.5 Assist installs within minutes, downloads Americas Army 2.5 for you along with updates, map packs, and an anti-cheat client. All you need is a account to log into assist, and your old honor and ranks are automatically imported. See you on the battlefield!

E-Z is proud to announce the release of the first fully in house brewed mission, Black Rain. What some have been calling... "pretty cool."

Black Rain is a PVP mission that combines many game modes. At heart it is a TDM game with CTF, AAS, C&H objectives linked to an integrated scoring system. Two teams of 10 bid for control over 3 custom objectives spread around the map which also happens to be a nuclear wasteland strewed with damaged houses, destroyed vehicles, down trees, high grasses, rolling fog and radiated areas. Just sticking your head up to look around will make you paranoid you're in somebody's sights.
Make sure to check our Black Rain development thread in our fourms for full details as well as's Black Rain thread by clicking here!

Where the hell have we been?
We're still at the same place as always! Come join us on our server, we have a slew of new E-Z missions to play! Just filter "EZCO" in your host name within ArmA to find our server. Join our TS3 and say hi, we're always welcome to new players!

Fallujah Uprising 2.2 - Fallujah 1.2 & E-Z Insurgency 2.0 - Zargabad
Both missions are an E-Z edited version of the famous Pogoman Insurgency game mode with new DAC zones, armor attacks, special area fights, specialized loadouts and kits, AI skill, special vehicles, custom missions, roadside IED's, suicide bombers and much more nasty stuff to enjoy! Join us for a game today!
E-Z would like to thank Scarlett Johansson for frequenting our ARMA II server. It's a pleasure to game with you.
How the real 101st Airborne does it in Iraq, 2003.
EZ Insurgency 1.51 is now live on our server. Zargabad and Takistan maps available. Join us for a game!
- VBIED's for Insurgents.
- AI A-10 close air support.
- Redesigned base for NATO.
- New map locations.
- Suicide vests.
- Goats, goats & more goats!
How E-Z does cargo drops.
You fucked us Poli, you fucked us.
We would like welcome to {E-Z}Doc to the E-Z ranks, Go Doc Go! It's a pleasure to have you with us.

In other news, we prematurely upgraded our server to a 20 slot ARMA server and have revamped our Domination base. So come have a fun game with us, just look for The Offical E-Z Co. 101st Server, make sure to run Combined Ops.
We would like welcome to {E-Z}SxBill to the E-Z ranks, hooah! Glad to have you aboard.
Today E-Z welcomes {E-Z}Does It back into the E-Z ranks, hooah! As one of the orginal E-Z members Does It really does do it how E-Z likes it.
Oh, In other news our server is regularly running a mixed bag of ARMA modes. Come play a game with us, say hi on vent and sign up on the forums.
Attention ARMA2 players. E-Z has added the Fallujah map to our server rotation. One hell of a map. We advise you visit HERE to download it from Install is easy, follow our simple E-Z as pie 5 step process.
1. Download Fallujah.
2. Unzip Fallujah.
3. Open @fallujah1_1\addons
4. Empty contents into your Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\AddOns
5. Profit.
As always, visit us on vent, sign up on the forums and come play a game or two.
This map may cause conflicts with joining other servers, be aware.
E-Z is back for The Alamo so get out of our way. Our new Offical E-Z Americas Army 2 server is up and running, so come play a classic with us. Also our Offical Public ARMA 2 OA Insurgency server is also up and operational. Just search for E-Z in your filter!
E-Z is making a comeback. Our servers will be up shortly. Stay tuned for more updates and like always visit us on Vent and the forums.
Nothing to speak of.
Join us for some games, or don't, it's really up to you. But if you do decide to we'd be delighted to have you. Feel free to join our vent to say hello, sign up on the fourms, peruse the site, snort coke off a dead hookers taint! The options are endless here at E-Z!

Having an E-Z ARMA2 OA smoke break in the small town of Anar.
Another year of gaming is coming to a close, and it sure was an interesting one. ARMA stepped into the light and is slowly showing some promise. Project Reality built us up and let us all down. Hopefuly PR:ARMA will fix all that. And Minecraft slowly consumed our lives and spit them out. But most of all, what we all learned this year is that the more you give a shit, the more you get fucked. Oh, and E-Z would also just like to say seasons greetings and go fuck yourself to everyone around the globe!

p.s. We're still recruting for the 2011 season, sign up or die.
Well there has been a server-side fix in PR .95 which makes the game playable, but the crashes and other hickups still plague our games. In the meantime watch E-Z engage an enemy sniper on Fallujah.
E-Z is actively recruiting for Project Reality, filling our ranks with badass players is our number one priority right now. So go sign up on the forums or visit the "Join E-Z" section of the site for more information! We also have our first two (in quite some time) schedueled games coming up with [RIP] & PR.IT that E-Z is looking forward to.

Welcome to the new E-Z website! Nearly a decade of gaming and E-Z is still kicking ass! We are currently looking for new E-Z members and drinking heavily. The forums are also being reworked and should be all set sometime soon. Come play PR with us & remember!